Nigerian politics and it’s candidate.

Nigerian politics and its candidates.
By Lukman Abdulmalik
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Nigeria is a composition of divergent ethnic groups, tribes, dissenting cultures and likes of the rest of the African world, varying religious traditions. Yet by the amalgamation act of 1914, it came to be known as referred to as the federal republic of Nigeria. The current Nigerian political surface is infected with myriads of problems, built on shaky foundation and invariably weak superstructure made worst by bad governance and administration.
Since 1999 when Nigeria returned to democracy as a system of government, it has made some progress, but its political and socio-economic system is crippled by corruption and dogged by ethnic tensions threatens to derail the country from its path toward good governance. Nigeria has faced, numerous form of crisis and conflict, starting from intra groups, ethics and religious conflict which often results to inter conflict among country’s citizens, which denigrate and stagnate the political progress and development of Nigeria, during the past administration Nigeria was on a hot plate confronted by unscrupulous armed groups, destroying and vandalizing the country’s properties and resources which put the country in a stage of confusion.
During the 2015 election factions among political parties and members arises, where by inflammatory languages, fake news and hate speeches are been used to tarnish images of politicians and other related cases. After the successful election which brought up the incumbent administration serves as a faithful election to Nigerian security, interest and economy, Nigeria has faced economic challenges which leads it to fall into economic recession or austerity, but luckily with the aid of the administration the country’s economy regain its self within short period of time.
There is a great hope for Nigeria to rise, if only its citizen shine its eyes clearly to vote for the right candidate not for the sake of party, most political candidates in Nigeria, who seems to present themselves as leaders are not appropriately executing their duties and functions, impartial to national interest and security which causes faction and inharmonious to the national political development.
Nature of political candidates in Nigeria is described to be self-government in the fort of democracy, milking the country’s resources, enriching themselves with public office, making dubious agreement with electorates and citizens so as to influence the voters to their own custody of action. The Nigerian leadership structure, must seek to underprop political stability, protection of national intrest and provision of security and enduring social system that will ensure action and transparency of governance, candidates should be examine rigorously before finalizing them.
The upcoming 2019 election empirically shows that most political candidates changing their umbrella to other parties, fighting the existing admistration, are based on their personal interest not the citizen’s interest. Nigeria will make a better tomorrow if we stand on our feet’s to vote the right person, the right candidate who has the spirit to serve not to be served, the candidate who will develop the ideology of socialization among the country people, a candidate that will always protect and fight for the people right and interest. Present Nigerians candidates are not like our late nationalist who has the ardor and intensity to drive the country to a greater path.
Elected political candidates must have the sense to grow the social structure and economy while ensuring staff are being paid on regular basis of payment, most developing countries in the world today, political candidates converge together and solve mutual problems but in Nigeria case is different political candidates are of aim to loot and rock the resources which is mostly often taken to other country for their survival.
However immediate Nigerian political candidates have to shun away the mind of enriching themselves with public office as to have stability of economy and governance, it is not a novelty in Nigeria, that political candidates use the instrument of money to bribe voters and electorate by giving penny, inconsequential gifts to influence electorates and voters.
Nigerian political system, needs total overhaul and vicinity, as to endure political stability, political candidates and elected leaders must adhere to their promises, to ensure political stability in Nigeria respecting of the country’s rule of law is very important in any democratic setting, the Nigerian political leaders and the entire citizens of this country must insist and advocate and respect the rule of law, encouraging patriotism our leaders whom Nigeria entrusted with powers and who are expected to lead alright, Nigerian political leaders must develop democratic principles, encouraging sincerity of purpose in governance , encouraging cooperation dialogue among citizens and arms of government, military should be discouraged from meddling in politics.
Nigerians citizens need to think and choose the right leader for the betterment of the country, it’s time for Nigerians to elect the living dog and leave the dead lions.

Myth of African parents.

Article on
Myth of African parents, defame the orlay of most children’s.
By lukman abdulmalik
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Africa is one of the largest continents in the world, blessed with 54 countries varying from different tribes, ethics, religion, beliefs, norms and values. Africa had been colonized by myriad of colonial masters and imperialist, which transformed its traditional and political climate; however Africans are highly cultured type of peoples who believed on some certain beliefs, which is mostly based on inheritance.
Africa is a type of continent where social correlations exist among the countries and its people, most African parents developed a belief which is mythically unprepossessing, which hassle the fortunes of our modern children’s. Parents most especially in Africa contexts thoughtfully vision education as the only weighty success in the earth, of course “Yes” but not in all instances.
For example, the western world duly educate their children’s but also prop their children on the special skills they acquired, such as sport activities, music, rap, hip-pop and rest of others. Scientifically looking, they are self-job not on what they study either from the basic or higher education, but from the skills the acquired and it’s supported into reality, unlike the Africans folks.
Africa is a world, that has talented and skilled peoples in both the rural and urban setting, but due to lack of utilization of those skills by either the parents or supporting groups causes social problems which leads them to engage into illicit activities, it is a beliefs of African folks that western education shape and leads to child development, which is “No” because is not everything education caters, being educated does not guarantee success but rather education serves as a supporting block to detract illiteracy among people.
In an interview, with some young youths, hawkers, parents and students, it remained stigmata upon the parent for denying their children’s fortune, noted by the interviewees. Interviewing

a young man Jamiu Usman Jimoh narrated that, he was a an excellent player in his area of his time along with his two friends, which his exceptionalism to his local team qualified him to play for his team within the nation and outside the nation, but expressed that his parents thinks negative emotional impact from it, the young man verbally spoke highlighting that.
“I outstand from school at age of 16 when I was in JSS one, due to financial obstruction from my parents and lack of passion toward learning, my dreams was to become a great footballer, so as one day I will be among the best players of the national team to represent my country in world tournament, but I failed to my dreams because my parents thoughts which they said most of those great footballers passes unhallowed instances, my other two friends named Aremu Afeez and Stanley Okoro where among the players that played for U17 in 2009, which their enthusiasm towards a march that I missed at the national stadium at Lagos state Mushin, and I believed if I was among them I will have kick off, now two of my friends had made it, no school for me now, and my skills are at waste, I just want to call the attention of our parents that the has changed ,the recent generation is unlike theirs generation, rather than to support their children’s with the skills they found themselves with.

Caption: Online interview, man expressed his feelings on his denial to run Serbia team.

Unfortunately, smoking and other related illicit act are some of the social cohesion disturbing concerns nowadays, a group discussion with those social networks some made it cleared that, they are good in music, rap, hip-pop, and other sporting activities. Q1. What motivates you to engage yourselves in such illicit activities? They Answered: actually no work to do and no education that we can utilize to create opportunities to ourselves. Q2. Is there any avid skill you people posed and later demotivated from it? Majority answered yes, some said they are good in sporting activities others music activities, but our parents and spouse due demotivate us from such things, and no option to scale what our parents said that’s why we tend to belong to such class of people. Q3. Do you think this rough and tumble life is the way out? They Answered No, but have nothing doing and jobless for that matter we choose it, but only if government or private bodies will provide us with opportunities.
However is time to ring down the curtain, education is integral aspect of human endeavor, but also empowering skills of our children’s is pivotal, because fortunes does not rely on education only but also empowering skills determines the better tomorrow.